Sunday, 28 December 2008

Roti John

Sumber ; FP MamaFami -tq

What you need :

Minced chicken
Shallots, chopped finely - about the same size pieces as the chicken
Eggs, beaten
Salt, for seasoning
White pepper, for seasoning
Oil, for frying
Sliced hotdog/sausage buns, burger buns, or sandwich buns

What you do :

1. Season the minced chicken with salt and pepper.
2. Heat up some oil in a wok or frying pan. Add the shallots, fry until fragrant and slightly softened. Add the chicken, and fry until cooked through. Set the chicken and shallot mixture aside.
3. Season the beaten egg with more salt and pepper, and add some of the chicken mixture. You want the mixture to be a lot of chicken, with just enoguh egg to hold it together when it cooks.
4. Add some more oil to the pan (unless you're using a non-stick one). Wait for it to heat up, then carefully spoon some of the chicken mixture into the pan, in the shape of the bread that you are using. (like, round if you're using burger buns, and longish, if you're using sausage buns). Immediately press the bread onto the egg.
5. Press the bread down occasionally while frying to flatten it. Fry the Roti John until the egg is as cooked as you like it. If you like it crisper, bake in an oven (we used a toaster oven) for about 5 minutes or so.

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